Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Your first real challenge awaits in Lies of P’s Elysion Boulevard.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Elysion Boulevard in Lies of P is an exciting and simple early level to a richly designed entry in the soulslike genre. Mostly linear, we're now able to find sidestreets with rare materials, sidequests, and new secret features well-worth your time investigating.

This final part of the demo area has a few more things to teach you before you go rushing off into the meat of the game. With not one but two bosses to face in this area, pay close attention to the effects of electricity, keep your head on a swivel, and most importantly: hold on tight to our guide.

Elysion Boulevard Entrance

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Before entering Elysion Boulevard via its entrance on the north side of Hotel Krat, we do recommend you stop by the mechanic in the hotel, Eugenie. You will be given your first new Legion Arm.

This arm, Puppet String, is capable of pulling enemies toward you. This will be a big help for Elysion Boulevard, which is design to teach you to make use of this arm.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

As you enter Elysion Boulevard proper, you'll be met with a brief introduction to the Black Rabbit Brotherhood past the first gate and underneath the tram cart.

Go through this integrated cutscene to reach the Stargazer ahead. When you activate it, you'll notice your Stargazer features have changed:

  1. You can no longer level up at Stargazers. You must return to Hotel Krat and speak with Sophia to do so.
  2. You can change your Legion Arm.
  3. You can Assemble Weapons (when you earn the Enigma tool soon).
  4. You can teleport to other Stargazers.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

From the Stargazer, go ahead just enough to see the break in the fencing to your right. Jump down and notice the puppet beating on the door on the left.

Defeat this puppet and then fight the puppet that will charge you from the nearby stairs.

Go up the stairs and wrap around to the right to backstab another puppet. This will clear the area in front of the Stargazer.

Now, turn around and continue down the Boulevard.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

There are two puppets ahead and by the carriage on the right side of the street. You can pull one toward you with the Puppet String to split them up.

Follow the street to the left and through a doorway. Gemini should begin talking to you about the boulevard's lore.

Go left and hesitate around the carriage. A puppet will ambush you by jumping from the top of it. Defeat it and take the Vivid Ergo Fragment by the locked shortcut.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Turn around and continue down the unventured, lit path to an area filled with enemies.

There is a dog that will bark to wake the puppets sitting on the ground (two on either side of the street and one further up the stairs). You need to defeat all of them to reach the chest to the left of the stairs with a new defensive part, the LADA F150 Frame.

It is best to use your Puppet String to prevent getting swarmed with these enemies. You can use it on the dog before it barks too to prevent it from waking the other puppets.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Go up the stairs now. You'll see what appears to be a dead end. However, there's a very small, narrow alley on the right side of the gate.

In this alley, look on the left wall to see a ladder. Climb it to reach a new, rooftop area.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

At the top, proceed carefully as there is an ambush around the corner to the right. It is a normal puppet, but a second, pistol-wielding puppet is within range several rooftops away.

After you destroy the puppet around the corner, fight the one ahead and then run across the rooftop bridge. You can fight the gunslinger across the way to stop his firing.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

From the gunslinger, go left to the dead end. Here, pick up the Sawtoothed Wheel and then interact with the device that has a red glow at the top.

This device will lower a shortcut ladder near the Entrance Stargazer.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

From the ladder, venture back where the gunslinger was. Go forward, ignoring the rooftop bridge, until you cross a fallen sign.

On the roof across the way, a strong puppet with an axe will appear. Defeat it with Fable attacks and well-timed guards.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

From the strong puppet, enter the home. Go up two sets of stairs where you'll find a puppet standing with its back to you. This is a trap.

Two more puppets are in this room. One in the far corner near the open door and one behind the boxes on your right.

Sneak up on the unaware puppet and backstab it. When it's finished, backpedal enough so you can now face both puppets in the room without being flanked. Defeat them.

Alternatively, you can use your Puppet String here. However, we recommend ensuring you keep it saved for the trials ahead.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

At the open doorway, you'll spy a bridge with an enemy across. A second, pistol-wielding puppet is just out of view to the right of the enemy you can see.

Walk far enough out to use your Puppet String and drag the enemy ahead across the bridge. Defeat it. Then, sprint across the bridge to take out the second enemy.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

With both enemies out of the picture, you can now look behind you at the door you've come from. Notice the ledge to the left of it leading to an item.

You can walk across the bridge and, with your body facing the wall, carefully slide across the ledge. This rewards with one Electric Blitz Abrasive.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Across the bridge, go right down the short alley to see a dead end with an item at the end. The item is a Sharp Pipe (capable of being used for weapon-building).

However, this item is guarded by a puppet hidden around the corner to the right. You'll need to carefully fight it by either baiting it out or rolling in with an aggressive attack.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Back at the bridge area, notice the ladder on the side of the building going down. Use it to reach a hidden alleyway section.

You can follow this alleyway to find along the main path:

  • A puppet guarding a Hidden Moonstone on the right
  • A Dim Ergo Fragment
  • A shortcut back to the carriage with an ambushing puppet up top

Once the shortcut is open, turn around and climb the ladder back up to the bridge area.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

From this point, travel straight ahead to another, shorter ladder. Climb it and take a right, rolling through a set of breakable crates.

There is an ambush around the corner. As you come around, a puppet far ahead and above on a rooftop will throw Throwing Cells at you which discharge with an area of electricity.

To not be struck, you'll need to bait the throw first, dodge it, and then dash in to grab the Vivid Ergo Fragment.

Dash back out and around the building to its left side. A puppet will be standing with its back to you. Either:

  1. Pull it back with your Puppet String, or
  2. Backstab it and immediately dodge.

You can, if you have enough Sawtoothed Wheels, attempt defeating one of the puppets on the roof by throwing the wheels at it enough times.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Go left over the short bridge to another enemy. Defeat it to safely take the Dim Ergo Fragment in the corner of this roof. A similar enemy is ahead. However, the enemies on the above roof with the Throwing Cells will give it coverage.

To safely progress, be aggressive in destroying the enemy on this roof and keep running forward until you reach a ledge and a ladder.

Rather than using the ladder, look down and step off the ledge to strike an enemy hiding just below.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Ahead, two more enemies and a Legion Magazine item in the corner wait.

Past this area and around the rooftops, you'll enter the building to see a doorway and a ladder. Take the ladder to the rooftops.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Here, you can finally get revenge on those pesky Throwing Cell puppets. Destroy both of them and then, following the edge of the roof on the left, avoid the hole in the roof to grab the Vivid Ergo Fragment.

Look down in the hole to see a small wooden beam in the center. Carefully angling yourself, fall onto this wooden beam and then look left.

An enemy should be below you. Fall on this enemy while attacking. Leave the room, and you'll see a thin beam leading to an arena with a minboss.

You can take a short detour to the left and into the house to defeat one last enemy and take the Frozen Man's Letter inside.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

This miniboss is thankfully very straightforward. The best times to hit it are after it throws two punches (one with either arm) and after it jumps forward to downward strike with both arms.

It is a tanky enemy, but be persistent, and you'll be able to loot the nearby chest. Inside is a Life Amulet.

The Life Amulet can be equipped in your inventory and increases your maximum HP value. You may wear two amulets at any time.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Across the bridge from the arena and into the house with the blue glow, you'll find the Elysion Boulevard House Stargazer.

Activate this Stargazer and take a moment to:

  • Return to Hotel Krat for any level-ups or weapon upgrades
  • Speak with the merchant in the room to the left

Elysion Boulevard House: Navigating The Rooftops

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Outside the Elysion Boulevard House, you'll find a puppet standing ahead. He's flanked by another, hidden enemy around the corner to the right.

Use your Puppet String to pull the puppet within sight to you, defeat it, and then deal with the hidden enemy. Take care, however; the hidden enemy likes to charge as soon as you get close.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Continuing forward, an enemy will walk around the house on patrol to the right. Pull this one forward with Puppet String too as there is another enemy on the roof above.

To reach the rooftop enemy, hug the wall in the center of the roof and wrap around until you see a ladder. Climb it and flank the enemy.

An item (Venigini's Krat Landmark Guide II) can be found on the right side of this high roof, but an enemy is hanging on the rooftop edge. It will jump over and attack you as you get close.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Look around to see an item sitting on a far out, lone beam sticking over the lower rooftop. Go over to it and cross carefully to the beam's edge for a Dim Ergo Fragment.

As you come back onto the roof, you'll see a ladder to your right. This ladder will lead to a detour of a slew of alleyways with several extremely valuable items.

Elysion Boulevard Alleyway Item Detour

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Climbing down the first available ladder into this area, ignore the coughing sounds for now and head left for the item in the corner: a Radiant Ergo Fragment. A strong enemy with an axe is nearby, and you'll need to defeat it to safely traverse this area.

Turn around to look at the other side of the ladder where a dog is patrolling.

You can strike one of the metal contraptions on the ground with a Sawtoothed Wheel or your Puppet String to cause it to detonate and electrify the dog.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Walk forward toward the puppet at the end of the road with caution. As you approach, another dog will burst out of one of the windows to the left.

Defeat them both and then turn right to a narrow alley with another metal contraption blocking the way. Detonate it, and you'll be able to reach a chest with a Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

When the above enemies have been defeated, you can safely return to the ladder and look across the street ahead to see a lit window. Interact with it to speak with Toma.

Speaking with Toma will begin a quest to find his and Murphy's whistle.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

From Toma's window, turn left to the corner where you found the Radiant Ergo Fragment and defeat the strong puppet. Turn left again, and you'll spy several metal contraptions in the alley.

Follow this street to find two dogs and a puppet defending Gemini's Emergency Protection on the right side and a shortcut ahead. Open the shortcut and then go back down the stairs and to its left to find a Hidden Moonstone and a dog in the corner.

Gemini's Emergency Protection is a consumable item that, when used, will reduce the amount of unclaimed Death Ergo you lose per hit from an enemy.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

After defeating the dog, look left against the wall to find a very skinny alleyway between it and the buildings.

Two puppets patrol this alleyway. Defeat them, and you'll find a second Hidden Moonstone at the end of this alley on the left side.

With everything now found and in your pocket, you may return to the ladder near the start of this detour to continue to the elevator shortcut.

Elysion Boulevard House: Elevator Shortcut

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

From the rooftops where the detour began, continue across the bridge toward a home. Gemini's lantern will glow red, and a pink butterfly will appear.

These creatures — known as Dimensional Butterflies — will appear in obscure locations and, when you strike them down, give exceptionally rare and useful items. Gemini's lantern will detect their hidden presence, so watch it carefully.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

After striking down the Dimensional Butterfly (which gives one Hidden Moonstone), go into the hole in the house to the left. This path will lead you to a ladder.

Instead of using the ladder, drop off to the metal platform on the right which leads to a lit window. This will bring you to the Weeping Woman. She offers you another unique quest where you must find her baby.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

From the Weeping Woman, there is a constable patrolling the area in the space below. As you enter it, you'll need to either fight him or run like your life depends on it.

Defeating the constable will earn you the Krat Police Baton weapon.

Murphy's Faded Whistle can also be found on the bench in this arena.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

From the constable's arena, you can venture through the gateway for the Torn Doodle. A dog lies in wait on the ground by the street lamp to the left on the right side of the street.

Otherwise, the only notable risks in this area are the two patrolling, saber-wielding puppets. They do have the ability to guard against your attacks now and strike back, so fight them with caution.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

As you venture down the road, one of these strong saber-wielding puppets will burst through a door. This door will lead into a small room with an elevator device.

Step into the elevator and interact with the panel on the left side to repair it. This elevator will lead you up to the Elysion Boulevard House Stargazer — a huge shortcut for this area.

We highly recommend healing and upgrading at this point, if possible.

Elysion Boulevard: Alchemist Bridge

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

From the elevator shortcut, venture to the gates to the left of the door. Open them, and you'll find the bridge to City Hall: Alchemist Bridge.

There are no known finds in this area as far as items go, but it is guarded by the Mad Donkey. This is your first human vs. puppet fight. We recommend these tips:

  • Abuse Backstab
  • Roll forward
  • Keep a distance when uses Fury Attacks

For more information, you can check out our official boss guide on the Mad Donkey.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

When you've defeated the Mad Donkey, you'll earn his outfit, but more importantly, you'll be given an extra Pulse Cell charge and the Enigma Assembly Tool. From this point forward, Weapon Assembly is unlocked at Stargazers and Eugenie's workshop.

Speak with Geppetto, and you'll be given the key to go through the gates ahead.

There is one Hidden Moonstone on the City Hall side of the bridge behind Gepetto's carriage.

City Hall: Finishing Elysion Boulevard

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

City Hall is thankfully very short. There are very few items, and there are very few notable enemies.

As you enter this new area, remember to activate the Stargazer.

There is a Dim Ergo Fragment ahead and to the left of the stairs by the gate shortcut.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Follow the main path ahead from the Stargazer outside City Hall down several stairs. There are three saber-wielding puppets in this lower area and one dog.

On the ground and on the right side of the path, you'll find one Star Fragment and one Attribute Purification Ampoule.

Star Fragments can be used to summon spectres to aid you during boss fights, and are rare, but farmable, items.

Attribute Purification Ampoules will relieve or reduce the buildup of status effects (e.g., Overcharge).

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

After going up the stairs, there are two more saber-wielding puppets around the fountain. Defeat them before going left to open a shortcut back to the City Hall Stargazer.

When the shortcut is unlocked, you can progress back to the fountain and up a second set of stairs into an area with small gardens with unique items on the left and right.

  • Left Side: One Krat News Issue 1124 collectible
  • Right Side: One large enemy guarding the Broken Baby Puppet for the Weeping Woman's quest

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

As you enter City Hall's building proper, you'll only have two enemies in this room. Again, they're saber-wielding puppets. When they're gone, you'll be free to roam the area.

A chest with the Puppet Destroyer's Amulet is to the left of the large doors at the end of City Hall. Likewise, a pool to summon a spectre can be found outside the doors.

We highly recommend using it for the fight to come as well as bringing Attribute Purification Ampoules in your belt.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

With nothing else to do here, you'll have to fight the Scrapped Watchman. He's a large, electricity-wielding puppet that is very aggressive.

For this fight, we recommend:

  • Using Attibute Purification Ampoules.
  • Keeping the focus on yourself rather than the spectre for as long as possible.
  • Using Fable Catalysts and Fable attacks.
  • Guarding physical attacks and dodging electrical strikes.
  • Running away from Fury attacks.

For more information, you should reference our full boss guide on the Scrapped Watchman.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

When the Watchman is defeated, you'll receive these rewards:

  • Overcharged Storage Battery
  • Quartz
  • Core
  • Broken Hero's Ergo
  • Small Wooden Officer Puppet

The Stargazer for the Krat City Hall Courtyard will be available now. The final item to collect in this area is further into the City Hall itself and in the hallway.

Lies Of P: Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

After collecting Venigini's Guide, you can return to Hotel Krat for the ability to use your P-Organ, gain the Fulminis Legion Arm, and prepare yourself for the real trials to come.

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